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Locations:41 motorway locations
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Predecessors:Costa, KFC, LP4

Wanting to increase their presence and market share, Greggs opened their first Moto-operated franchised bakery at Lymm truckstop in early 2012, with high hopes. Following good sales a second store was opened at Birch eastbound the following June, and it was then confirmed that most Moto services would get one. Moto have also been opening franchises at some Extra services.

What makes Greggs a little bit different to other new brands is that most units have been modified so customers can visit without entering the main amenity building. This helped Moto's tax accounts: by not offering the option of eat-in food, the food was exempt from VAT, although the notorious pasty tax complicated things. As with most service station franchises, prices are inflated and the menu is altered slightly.

Greggs had never agreed to franchised stores before the Moto deal, but following its success they opened franchises with Euro Garages and Applegreen too (in the UK only). Greggs was now being added to petrol stations across the country, and Euro Garages started introducing the country's first Greggs drive thrus.

Moto made a further investment in Greggs in April 2021, opening the motorway network's first full Greggs restaurant, with dedicated seating. This replaced an area which had been intended to be used as a full restaurant.

On the baked goods front, Moto had been using Upper Crust as a bakery brand, although this sold fewer hot goods and began to lose ground to Moto's other stores. In 2011 they also introduced West Cornwall Pasty Co., mostly in stands outside the services. Other operators have responded to Greggs with the likes of The Cornish Bakery, Pret A Manger and The Pasty Shop.

In line with Greggs's rules, service stations in the West Country are not allowed to sell Cornish pasties, for fear of upsetting the locals. EG Group opened Cornwall's first Greggs at Saltash and it closed down very soon after. Despite widespread rumours that Cornwall had fixed a boycott of Greggs, a branch opened at the eponymous Cornwall services in October 2020.


Greggs operate at many motorway services. They are: [view on a map -  Download KMLrefine search]

Motorway Forecourts

Moto have also started adding Greggs outlets to some of their forecourts:

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, Greggs can be found at the following motorway services:

A-Road Services

Greggs drive thru lane.
The Greggs drive thru at Ashby de la Zouch.

A-Road Forecourts

Former Locations

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