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Sutterton services


A16/A17 Sutterton Roundabout

Signposted from the road.


PE20 2LG

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Series of sites arranged around a junction.


Three sites are now situated around the A16/A17 Sutterton Roundabout: A former Little Chef site, a new fast food drive-thru restaurant and forecourt and a truck stop.


There are two service areas at the Sutterton Roundabout.

Sutterton Facilities

Catering: Burger King Forecourt: BP, Londis, Greggs, Costa Express, Dunkin' Donuts, f'real Milkshakes, Rollover, Tango Ice Blast, AdBlue Bunker, Jet Wash

Sutterton Truck Port Facilities

Catering: McDonald's Drive Thru, V-Ate Pit Stop Diner Amenities: Children's Play Area, Revolution Laundry, Showers Forecourt: Cars only: Shell, Budgens, Starbucks Drive Thru, Seattle's Best Coffee, AdBlue Containers
HGVs only: Inver, SPAR Express, Stone Willy's Kitchen, Lavazza 2Go, PG Tips 2Go, AdBlue4You

Parking Prices

Short stay customer parking is available for cars at all sites.

Parking within the McDonald's car park is limited to 90 minutes maximum stay and is strictly enforced by MET Parking.

Secure HGV parking is only available at Sutterton Truck Port and is free for the first 2 hours, after which HGVs must pay £24 per 24 hours.

Prices can be paid using pay machines situated within the HGV forecourt building, and can be paid using GBP, Euros, using fuel cards or SNAP.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Service Station
Holbeach Road
PE20 2LG

Trivia and History

Sutterton Little Chef.
The Little Chef in 2011.

This service area started out life as a garage in the north-east corner of the junction in the 1960s, replacing an existing building.

Meanwhile, about a mile to the east, the Algarkirk branch of Little ChefHistory opened in around 1970, also known as Thorley Farm services. It was a simple, small building with a car park. When the newly realigned A16 opened, Little Chef saw an opportunity to move out of the unsuitably small building and to build a new one here at Sutterton. The Sutterton branch of Little ChefHistory opened in 1991 alongside a new filling station forming Sutterton services and the old one became Steve Thorley Potato Equipment. The new branch later went onto gain a Burger King franchise.

The filling station was formerly branded as Texaco until the early 2010s when the site was bought by BP who added a Wild Bean Café. The site was later acquired by MRH who added their Hursts branded store. This meant that the site became a rare example of a Wild Bean Café that was not paired with M&S Simply Food or BP Connect.

MRH were later acquired by MFG in 2018 which saw the end of the Wild Bean Café, being replaced in 2019 by a hot food counter and Costa Express machine. MFG later rebranded the store to Londis in 2020, as well as adding multiple grab and go options. Another internal refurbishment was made in October 2021, with the shop space rearranged to add a new Greggs store, opening on 28 October 2021.

The Little Chef and Burger King restaurants were acquired by Euro Garages in January 2017, who only had the rights to the Little Chef brand name for a year so in January 2018 the Little Chef had to become an EG Diner. In August 2018, the diner closed alongside the Burger King. Euro Garages then refurbished the site and on 10 October 2018, an official opening ceremony was held with representatives from Boston Borough Council in attendance with the Burger King re-opening alongside new Greggs and Subway stores which replaced the diner in what Euro Garages described as a new 'food-to-go station'.

The 'food-to-go' station continued to trade until March 2020, where all 3 units temporarily closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Burger King reopened in summer 2020, with the Greggs and Subway remaining closed. This then closed again during the second coronavirus lockdown in autumn 2020, with Euro Garages confirming at this point that the Greggs and Subway closures were permanent, leaving the Burger King to soldier on alone. The Burger King reopened in November, but then closed again in December 2020 following the third coronavirus lockdown. It then remained closed until July 2021 before reopening again but it is unknown how long it will continue to fight off the competition.

Rival facilities

During summer 2018, construction began on a brand new site on the south-west corner of the roundabout here. The new site, known as Sutterton Truck Port, partly opened on 25 June 2019 and offers two forecourts: a Shell filling station operated by AKV Services Ltd. for small vehicles which includes a Budgens branded store and a Starbucks Drive Thru café, operated by Kbeverage, attached to the back of the filling station building and an Inver filling station exclusively for HGVs.

A McDonald's Drive Thru restaurant opened at the back of the site in September 2019. The secure overnight HGV parking and HGV forecourt were also due to open in September 2019 however this was delayed and opened in early 2020. The truck port is signed from the roundabout and on both the A16 and A17 and was erected before the site even opened.

V-Ate Pit Stop Diner opened on 21 September 2020 situated inside the truck forecourt building.


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