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Oliver hyam
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Hello I'm Oliver and I love motorway services! Here you can find out a little about me and what I love about motorway services!

My First Service Station Visit

My first visit to a service station that I can remember was when I was travelling to Wales to see my Uncle and Aunt when I was about 5 years old and we made a stop at Leigh Delamere Westbound. We still often use this MSA today so it has always been a traditional stop en route to Wales!

My Local Service Station

The nearest service station to where I live is Fleet Services. Despite living near this MSA, I have only stopped here twice! Once with my mate for a KFC and the other was when me, my Dad and my brother actually cycled into the northbound services using the side roads!

My Favourite Service Station

My favourite service station is probably Lancaster Northbound. The Pennine Tower makes the stop here very interesting

My Worst Service Station

There isn't one!

My Most Interesting Service Station

An odd one but the most interesting service station in my opinion is Markfield. I visited the site in 2015 and it was just interesting seeing what remained of the derelict main building! The old Burger King branding and furniture for example told a tale of its past.

Pages I have Created

Name of page created Date created
A9 20/01/2015.
Barnetby Top 01/01/2015
Dreghorn 24/01/2015
Good to Go 19/01/2015
Kentford 28/01/2015
Redwings Lodge 25/01/2015

TRSAs Visited

Services Name Road Side
Acle A47 N/A
Alfreton A38 N/A
Babraham A11 N/A
Barton Mills A11 Both
Barton Stacey A303 Westbound
Battlefield A49/A53 N/A
Beacon Hill A14 N/A
Beckington A36 N/A
Besthorpe A11 Northbound
Black Cat A1 N/A
Brampton A1/A14 N/A
Cambridge A14 N/A
Capel St Mary A12 Both
Cirencester A417 N/A
Colsterworth A1 N/A
Countess A303 N/A
Crewe A500 N/A
Derby South A50 Both
Derby with Burton A50/A38 N/A
Ecton A45 Both
Ely A10 N/A
Farnham A31 Westbound
Feering A12 Northbound
Fenstanton A14 Eastbound
Grantham North A1 N/A
Hayle A30 N/A
Hogs Back A31 Eastbound
Ilminster A303 N/A
Kentford (closed) A14 Both
Kettering A14 Both
Lolworth A14 Westbound
Marston Moretaine A421 N/A
Mile End A5/A483 N/A
Monmouth A40 Westbound
Montford Bridge A5 N/A
Nesscliffe A5 Eastbound
Newmarket A11/A14 Both
Popham A303 Westbound
Ripley A3 Both
Ross Spur A40 Westbound
Rothwell A14 Eastbound
Rushden A45 Eastbound
Scotch Corner A1/A66 N/A
Shrewsbury A5 N/A
Sourton Cross A30 N/A
Sutton Scotney A34 Northbound
Symonds Yat A40 Eastbound
Talke A34/A500 Both
Thetford A11 Northbound
Thickthorn A11/A47 N/A
Thrapston A14 N/A
Tot Hill A34 N/A
Uttoxeter A50 N/A
Warminster A36 N/A
Willoughby Hedge A303 N/A

MSAs Visited

Services Name Road Side
Baldock A1(M) N/A
Beaconsfield M40 N/A
Birch M62 Both
Birchanger Green M11 N/A
Bridgwater M5 N/A
Cardiff Gate M4 N/A
Cardiff West M4 N/A
Cherwell Valley M40 N/A
Chieveley M4 N/A
Clacket Lane M25 Eastbound
Cobham M25 N/A
Corley M6 Both
Donington Park M1 N/A
Fleet M3 Both
Gloucester M5 Both
Gordano M5 N/A
Gretna Green A74(M) N/A
Hartshead Moor M62 Both
Hilton Park M6 Both
Hopwood Park M42 N/A
Keele M6 Both
Knutsford M6 Both
Lancaster M6 Northbound
Leicester Forest East M1 Both
Leigh Delamere M4 Both
London Gateway M1 N/A
Lymm M6/M56 N/A
Magor M4 N/A
Markfield M1/A50 N/A
Membury M4 Both
Michaelwood M5 Both
Newport Pagnell M1 Northbound
Northampton M1 Southbound
Norton Canes M6 Toll N/A
Oxford M40 N/A
Peterborough A1(M)/A1 N/A
Pont Abraham M4 N/A
Reading M4 Westbound
Rownhams M27 Westbound
Sandbach M6 Both
Sarn Park M4 N/A
Sedgemoor South M5 Southbound
Severn View M48 N/A
South Mimms M25/A1(M)/A1 N/A
Southwaite M6 Northbound
Stafford North M6 Northbound
Stafford South M6 Southbound
Strensham M5 Both
Swansea M4 N/A
Taunton Deane M5 Southbound
Tebay M6 Northbound
Telford M54 N/A
Thurrock M25 N/A
Tibshelf M1 Southbound
Toddington M1 Both
Todhills M6 Both
Trowell M1 Both
Warwick M40 Both
Watford Gap M1 Northbound
Winchester M3 Southbound
Woodall M1 Both
Woolley Edge M1 Both

MSA's and TRSA's I have Visited (Map)

Oliver hyam has visited 94 UK services (61.1%). Here they are on a map:

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