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Services on the M6

This is the M6 in England. You may want the M6 in Ireland.

There are 18 services on the M6 which are listed on this site, details of which are below. Tapping the links down the left column will provide you with more information on each service area, such as its facilities and exact location.

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Services Location Operator Rating Official & Signposted?
Rugby M6 at J1 Moto 4 stars Yes
Corley smart M6 between J3 and J3A Welcome Break 4 stars Yes
Hilton Park M6 between J10A and J11 Moto 4 stars Yes
Stafford (South) smart M6 southbound between J14 and J15 Roadchef & Asda 5 stars Yes
Stafford (North) smart M6 northbound between J14 and J15 Moto 5 stars Yes
Keele M6 between J15 and J16 Welcome Break 4 stars Yes
Sandbach smart M6 between J16 and J17 Roadchef & BP Express 4 stars Yes
Knutsford smart M6 between J18 and J19 Moto 4 stars Yes
Lymm truckstop M6 at J20 and M56 at J9 Moto 3 stars Yes (as Greggs/Costa/M&S)
Charnock Richard M6 between J27 and J28 Welcome Break 4 stars Yes
Lancaster M6 between J32 and J33 Moto 3 stars Yes
Carnforth A6 near M6 J35 Truckhaven 3 stars Yes
Burton-in-Kendal M6 northbound between J35 and J36 Moto 4 stars Yes
Killington Lake M6 southbound between J36 and J37 Roadchef & BP Express 4 stars Yes
J38 truckstop M6 at J38 Westmorland 4 stars Yes
Tebay M6 between J38 and J39 Westmorland 4 stars Yes (as Farm Shop and Kitchen)
Southwaite M6 between J41 and J42 Moto 4 stars Yes
Todhills M6 between J44 and J45 3 stars Yes

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The following roads meet the M6, and also have services guides on this website: M1, M5, M6 Toll, M42, M54, M56, M61, M62, M65, A74(M) & M74, A14, A38, A46, A5, A50 and the A66.

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