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Woodall services


M1 between J30 and J31

Signposted from the road.


S26 7XR

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Two sites located between junctions, connected by an internal bridge.

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Complete with a wide variety of fast food (with different facilities on each side), Woodall is an old service station on the outskirts of Sheffield that has been brightened up several times by Welcome Break.


Catering: on both sides: KFC, Starbucks, Subway, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks on the Go
plus northbound only: Chopstix Noodle Bar, Starbucks Drive Thru
and southbound only: Burger King, The Good Breakfast, f'real Milkshakes
Shops: on both sides: WHSmith
and southbound only: Waitrose & Partners, Top Gift
Main Amenities: Game Zone, Showers Hotel: southbound only: Days Innbook Charging Points: on both sides: Electric Highway
plus southbound only: Tesla Supercharger
Forecourt: Welcome Break Fuel, The Deli, Chicago Town Pizza, f'real Milkshakes, Rollover, Starbucks on the Go, Top!Blue AdBlue

Parking Prices

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £15 for a further 24 hours and HGVs, caravans and coaches must pay £29 (or £31 to include a £10 meal voucher).

Prices can be paid in the shop with instructions in each car park. They are strictly enforced by ParkingEye.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Woodall Services
Woodall Motorway Services Area
South Yorkshire
S26 7XR

  • 📞 Telephone number: 0114 248 6434
  • 🗺 Grid reference: SK479800

Trivia and History

Woodall KFC north.jpg
Refurbishment to the northbound services removed some of the partitions.

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Opened by Fortes 1969
Re-branded Trusthouse Forte 1970
Re-branded Motor Chef 1974
Re-branded Welcome Break 1988

The larger southbound side is set around its food court, whereas northbound has the seating area set in the side of the building.

The footbridge was initially connected to the main building. Due to an internal rearrangement, it was disconnected for a long time. It has now been reconnected to WHSmith.

This was one of the only service stations with Burger King, KFC and McDonald's all available. The first two were operated by Welcome Break while the latter was run by McDonald's on a long-term lease. On 21 March 2020 the McDonald's closed due to COVID-19, and did not reopen.


See also: M1 Service Area Planning

Three possible sites were examined before the services were built: Killamash, Wales and Woodall. The Ministry liked the Wales site, but the local authority said it was too close to the village. Its proximity to Sprotbrough was a concern too. Forte wanted to build a hotel here from the outset, but were asked to back down as plans to widen the M1 meant the services could have had to be demolished and the Department did not want its value to increase.

Originally the restaurant had orange settees with a brown, Scandinavian-style strip-wood ceiling. A screen sectioned off an area for lorry drivers. The buildings were relatively long and thin, with most of the subsequent extensions adding to the front.

The large rounded part of the southbound building was the transport café. It became a Little Chef in around 1982.

The service area was the scene of a violent football clash in January 1986, where a number of injuries were caused. Such incidents were common at service areas at the time.

As with most Welcome Break service areas, David Fisher was commissioned to paint some artwork, which was displayed all around the southbound lobby. At Woodall the mural was dedicated to Harry Brearley, the Sheffield man who is credited with inventing stainless steel. It has since been removed.

In early 2020, the forecourts were converted to Welcome Break branding. Northern Powergrid is planning to increase the electricity capacity at Woodall, to allow it to potentially become a charging hub in the future.


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