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Days Inn by Wyndham

Days Inn by Wyndham
Locations:33 services
Related names:Ramada, Super 8
Used by:Welcome Break, Roadchef
Predecessors:Welcome Lodge, Purple Hotel, Premier Inn
Successors:Ramada, Super 8
See also:Travelodge
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After Welcome Break had split from Granada, they needed to make some changes to stand out as an operator.

In 1999 they announced their hotels would be branded Days Inn, a name used under licence from the brand's American owners, Wyndham via the British franchise owner, Premier Hotels.

Most Welcome Break hotels were first used by Travelodge, and had retained the 'ultra low budget' styling that was common at the time. Under the Days Inn brand, Welcome Break wanted to demonstrate that they were refurbishing each location to a much higher standard, while keeping prices low.

A flagship new branch was built at Oxford, and £18million was set aside to refurbish existing properties, with the aim being to have 35 hotels open by the following year. In reality progress was slow, and it would be another 10 years before Days Inn replaced Welcome Break's existing lodge brand, Welcome Lodge.

The licence saw Welcome Break actively promote other motels which they ran under the Days Inn name, including one at Waterloo.

Second Wave of Openings

After Welcome Break's success, Days Inn's motorway operations took off. Moto introduced it to Wetherby in 2008 and had planned to open one at Cherwell Valley and Stop 24, but those plans fell through. The Days Inn brand was used at Barnsdale Bar after the Travelodge was sold.

In July 2009, Welcome Break took over three Purple Hotels at Extra services they re-branded them as Days Inn. Meanwhile Roadchef changed all their motels from Premier Inn to Days Inn under a separate arrangement in September 2010, hoping for an increase in sales.

Roadchef's motels were previously RoadChef Lodge.


For their most desirable hotels (those nearer London), Welcome Break used the slightly less Americanised name Days Hotel.

Things started to change in September 2013, as Welcome Break announced a new partnership with more upmarket Ramada. Funding was secured to convert more of Welcome Break's Days Inns to Ramada in June 2017, and this process continued for a while. Ramada's include an on-site restaurant.

In August 2019, Welcome Break's new owners considered selling all of their hotels, as the firm would be focusing on fuel and food, but concluded they were good for the business.

Meanwhile, Roadchef have converted one of their Days Inn hotels to Super 8, a fellow Wyndham brand. They have suggested that the others could follow suit. The refurbishment will include adding a bar and restaurant, making up for the lack of a sit-down restaurant in many of their main service areas.


Days Inn operate at some service areas. They are: [view on a map - Download KMLrefine search]

A-road Services

Former Locations

Days Inn used to be found at the following service areas:

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