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Chopstix Noodle Bar

Chopstix Noodle Bar
Locations:27 services
Related names:Chozen Noodle
Used by:Welcome Break, Applegreen
Predecessors:Dunkin' Donuts, Papa John's Pizza, Harry Ramsden's

Chopstix Noodle Bar is a noodle bar-styled restaurant which was first introduced in 2013 to two of Extra's motorway service stations. It operates as a fast food restaurant, serving chicken and vegetarian dishes.

The first Chopstix Noodle Bar franchises opened at Applegreen service areas, which brought Chopstix across the UK and Ireland. Chopstix then opened at its first Welcome Break site, Birchanger Green, in August 2013 - it was soon introduced to the majority of Welcome Breaks.

Applegreen have since acquired Welcome Break. During the takeover, it was pointed out that a mutual appreciation of Chopstix was something they had in common, and since then more Chopstix branches have opened at their sites, including replacing some Welcome Break Harry Ramsden's restaurants.

Chopstix plan to open their first drive thru unit at Markham Vale in 2024.

Between Chopstix Noodle Bar, Chozen Noodle and Chow, as of 2017 most UK motorway service areas feature some sort of Asian-themed fast food restaurant. Chopstix Group acquired Chozen Noodle in March 2023; they called this "an important step in consolidating its position as the largest Asian QSR operator in the UK".

The first Chozen unit was converted to the Chopstix brand in July 2023 at Beaconsfield. More are expected to follow this year.


Chopstix Noodle Bar operate at some Welcome Break and Extra service areas. They are: [view on a map - Download KMLrefine search]

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