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Chozen Noodle

Chozen Noodle
Locations:14 services
Often accompanied by:Fresh Food Café, The Breakfast Kitchen
Related names:Chopstix Noodle Bar
Used by:Roadchef, Extra
Successors:Chopstix Noodle Bar
See also:Chow

Chozen Noodle are a sushi and noodle restaurant brand which mainly operate from franchises in travel hubs. They became the first of what has become a surge of Asian-themed cuisine now available at motorway services.

The restaurants are positioned either in small dedicated small units, or in large buffet carts in the centre of the food court. At some service areas, Chozen Noodle uses the same serving area as Fresh Food Café, while at others, it takes over from The Breakfast Kitchen in the afternoons.

Following the launch of the brand in 2007, the first motorway sites opened at Extra service areas in 2012, and they then opened at Roadchef sites in 2014. Chozen Noodle was also integrated into the menu for the new Garden Square Deli units first introduced in late 2021 meaning Chozen Noodle products can be served without needing its own unit.

After the success of Chozen Noodle, their parent company worked with Moto to create Chow, which focuses more on Thai cuisine. Moto opened their first Chozen outlet at Stafford in 2022.

Chozen Noodle was acquired by fellow motorway Asian cuisine brand Chopstix Noodle Bar in March 2023. Chopstix initially stated that the Chozen brand would continue to be used but in July 2023, the Chozen unit at Beaconsfield was switched to the Chopstix brand, with more expected to be converted this year.


Chozen Noodle can be found at some Roadchef services. They are: [view on a map - Download KMLrefine search]

Former Locations

Chozen Noodle has been removed from the following service area: