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The Breakfast Kitchen

The Breakfast Kitchen
Locations:2 services
Predecessors:Fresh Food Café

The Breakfast Kitchen is one of Roadchef's newest own brand names, designed to tackle the long-running question of how to handle the demand for hot food, which drops significantly in the afternoons.

Rather than being a full restaurant, The Breakfast Kitchen serves only a breakfast menu and is only open in the mornings. The unit is then free to be turned into something else that only opens in the afternoon - normally Chozen Noodle.

The Breakfast Kitchen was introduced in 2018, as an alternative to Fresh Food Café, which was intended to be open all day but generally found itself closing early.

The brand was closed in October 2020 as part of the recently-tightened COVID-19 restrictions. Two of the three units have not yet reopened.


The Breakfast Kitchen can be found at one Roadchef service area. This is:

Former Locations

The Breakfast Kitchen used to be found at: