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Loo of the Year Awards

Every year the Loo of the Year Awards judge public toilets across the country. Motorway services used to be a major part of in this, although from 2003 to 2005 only Moto took part. In 2006 both Moto and Welcome Break took part, but in 2007 and 2008 only Welcome Break and one Moto site did, and in 2009 Lancaster and Tebay were the only entrants in the motorway services category.

In 1992 Fleet was chosen as the best public toilets overall.

The results for each service area are displayed on that services' page, a brief overview can be found below. Every year the The Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum has come top in the Scottish roadside facilities category.

Category Winners


England: Cherwell Valley
Scotland: Kinross
Wales: Swansea West

Moto was chosen as the National UK Loo Of The Year award winner, placing them in the Hall of Fame. Moto and Welcome Break both won Standards of Excellence awards, and were members of the 100+ points club and the 50% club.


England: Frankley
Scotland: Stirling
Wales: Swansea West

Moto also won a Standards of Excellence award, came top in the Corporate Provider category and, in an unrelated competition, won the Tommy's Parent Friendly Loo Award. Welcome Break also won a Standards of Excellence award.


England: South Mimms
Scotland: none
Wales: none


England: Oxford
Scotland: Abington
Wales: Cardiff Gate

The J.38 Truckstop came top in the English roadside facilities category and Welcome Break won a Standards of Excellence award.

2009 onwards

Since 2009, the awards have been scaled back and there has only been one award for best motorway service area provider in England. The awards were as follows:

2009: Tebay
2010: Baldock (Symonds Yat came top in the English roadside facilities category)
2011: Tebay (Kettering westbound came top in the English roadside facilities category)
2012: Cherwell Valley
2013: Cambridge
2014: Beaconsfield
2015: Cherwell Valley
2016: -
2017: -
2018: -
2019: Extra (all services)
2020: Extra was the overall transport category winner. They were also placed in the Champions League category, for consistently high standards. Their Leeds Skelton Lake came top in the 'English motorway service areas' category.


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