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Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose & Partners
Locations:20 MSAs
Often accompanied by:WHSmith
Used by:Welcome Break, Shell
Typical opening hours:Usually 7am - 10pm
See also:M&S Simply Food

Waitrose & Partners is one of Welcome Break's retail brands, designed to mirror Moto's success with M&S Simply Food. Welcome Break previously trialled Sainsbury's at Birchanger Green but decided to leave that one there.

In May 2009 Waitrose was trialled at motorway services as part of their own aim to expand their business. The two trial stores were the smallest of all Waitrose shops, but took a lot of space from WHSmith. It was expected to be very successful, and in September it was announced that nine more stores would be opening.

The appeal of the Waitrose brand for operators is that their supermarkets are popular despite having higher than normal prices. This means service stations can sell products at inflated prices and customers are unlikely to notice.

In November 2016, Welcome Break introduced a West Cornwall Pasty Company range into all their stores, which was later removed.

In 2017, Welcome Break began to use the name Little Waitrose, in order to match the rest of Waitrose's convenience store estate.

Also during 2017 and early 2018, Shell started introducing Little Waitrose & Partners stores to some of their filling stations following a successful trial at four of their company owned-sites.

Waitrose & Partners is a brand strongly associated with southern England. The Welcome Break store at Gretna is one of Waitrose & Partners' most northern sites.


Waitrose & Partners operate at most Welcome Break service areas. These are: [view on a map - Download KMLrefine search]

A-Road Locations

Little Waitrose & Partners can be found at some signposted A-road service areas. These are:

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