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Ducklington services


A40 at Ducklington Interchange
(also accessible to traffic on the A415)

Signposted from the road.


OX28 4TT

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Series of sites arranged around a junction.

One of two service areas at the main interchange on the Witney Bypass: Ducklington is closer to the westbound side and is more of a traditional forecourt.


Amenities: Oxford Witney Hotel Outdoor Space: No grass space Forecourt: Shell, Little Waitrose & Partners at Shell Select, Deli by Shell, Costa Express, LPG (FloGas), Car Wash, Jet Wash, Free Cash Machine

Parking Prices

Short stay customer parking is available for cars.

No HGV parking is available, although there is a lay-by on New Close Lane.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Ducklington Service Station
Ducklington Lane
OX28 4TT

Trivia and Design

The remains of a large building, now reduced to just a metal structure.
The former Countrywide restaurant building, pictured in 2024.

Normally A-roads don't have any planning behind their service areas, as it's up to the free market to provide the appropriate level of facilities.

When the Witney Bypass opened in 1976, Oxfordshire County Council were unusually insistent that a lorry park be provided at Ducklington. The Department of Transport generally took the position that they didn't have the budget to provide A-road services, but at Ducklington they too were keen on the idea of funding a lorry park.

The rest area they had envisaged wasn't built, but two service areas were built instead positioned either side of the new junction - one on the Ducklington side and one on the Witney side.

BP had also proposed building their own service area along the bypass to the west of here at Asthall in 1992, but planning permission was refused.

Ducklington Site History

To the south of the junction, Fina built the Regal Garage, which opened in around 1990. This transferred to Elf during the 1990s, and was joined by a car showroom.

The filling station became a Total site in the 2000s and featured a Bonjour-branded sales shop. The car showroom was sold to Countrywide in 2001, who turned the building into one of their country stores. Following Total's nationwide shutdown in 2012, the forecourt was acquired by Shell.

The Countrywide store ceased trading on 10 May 2018, following the collapse of the company. StorageGiant later gained planning permission in 2019 to turn the site into a warehouse. Works commenced in early 2022 with the brickwork of the former Countrywide building being removed, leaving just the metal building supports standing. Planning permission for StorageGiant has since expired, and now only the foundations of the building remain.

The Ducklington Roundabout became the centre of development in 2020. There is now a Costa Drive Thru and Travelodge on the opposite side of the roundabout, as well as Lidl, who built a brand new purpose-built store on the south-western corner after moving from their former store next to the McDonald's at the Witney service area.

The forecourt shop was converted from Budgens to Little Waitrose in November 2020.

Shell are now seeking to reduce the number of fuel pumps available, replacing them with electric vehicle charging points. They say this is part of a "nationwide initiative".


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