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Oldbury services


A419 near M5 J13

Signposted from the road.


GL10 3SJ

(Google Maps link)


Single site located at a junction.

Very small services on the A419, located just half a mile from the M5 motorway.


Catering: Starbucks, Subway Hotel: Travelodgebook Forecourt: Shell, Shell Shop, Deli by Shell, Costa Express, AdBlue Containers, Car Wash, Free Cash Machine

Parking Prices

Short stay customer parking is available for cars. No HGV parking is available.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Oldbury Services
Westend House
GL10 3SJ

Trivia and Details

Little Chef Oldbury.
The current tenants of the former Little Chef building.

The service area is often referred to as 'Stonehouse' or 'Fromeside' services. Throughout most of the 2000s, several popular road maps marked the services as a non-primary A-road service area named 'Oldbury', despite not listing any other facilities like this.

This may have been a deliberate exception to identify anyone copying their work. Even so, it raised the profile of what is otherwise an unremarkable service area: Oldbury was often used as an example in the map key, as it was usually the only non-primary service area in the whole map.

This site is commonly known as Oldbury, even if Little Chef called it Stonehouse. It shouldn't be confused with another former Little Chef and Travelodge in the larger town of Oldbury, in the West Midlands. Confusingly, that one is also incorrectly shown on some maps.


The service area was developed by Trusthouse Forte in the mid-1980s who opened the Stonehouse branch of Little Chef here alongside a Shell filling station. This was later joined by a Travelodge hotel in 1997 and an extension to the restaurant saw a Burger King added in 1998. The restaurants closed for a short time before the Little Chef reopened, but closed again on 26 September 2012.

The building was later acquired by Euro Garages who, on 16 August 2013, opened a Starbucks store within the former restaurant area. They also later turned the Burger King unit into a Subway store.