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Lucky Coin

Lucky Coin
Used by:Moto
Successors:Full Hou$e
Typical opening hours:24 hours
See also:Jackpot £500, Quicksilver, Welcome Break Gaming

Moto's game arcades carry three names: Full Hou$e, Lucky Coin and &Play. Between them, there are arcade games and gambling machines, with prizes of up to £500-£1000. The letters of Lucky Coin are stylised to use coins which carry the Moto logo.

The facility is thought to be highly profitable, mainly among lorry drivers taking a legal rest break. To ensure children are kept away, units are sealed and require the player to request access using a button before being checked by staff.

Moto's gaming areas were launched in 2006. Recently, Lucky Coin has been scaled back in favour of the other two brands. &Play was given a new look in 2017, while Lucky Coin has a much more plain layout, similar to that of EDC.

Regardless of the brand name, the entertainment centres are provided by Inspired Entertainment on behalf of Moto.


Lucky Coin, Full Hou$e and &Play can be found at many Moto service areas: [Download KML]