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Corporate Sites

BP corporate site.
A BP-operated garage, with a Wild Bean Café and M&S.

Most filling stations are operated by third-party companies who simply purchase wholesale fuel from a fuel supplier - for example, Esso supply fuel to some EG Group forecourts, but EG Group operate the filling station themselves with their choice of shop.

However, sometimes, the fuel majors actually operate their own sites. This page explains the patterns by which you can usually identify whether a filling station is operated by a subsidiary of fuel supplier, rather than by a franchise or licence basis.

Filling stations

Shell Jubilee.
A Shell-operated filling station with Deli2go and Budgens.


On the motorway and A-road network, 'BP Express Shopping' operate many BP-branded forecourts.

These include:


Shell mainly operate petrol stations under the 'Select' fascia which usually comes with a food offering called deli by Shell. These all have Costa Express machines inside them.

These include:

  • Select stores
  • 'Little Waitrose at Shell Select' branded stores
  • Budgens stores with a deli by Shell range inside

Restaurants and shops

Co-Op fuel.
An Asda Express filling station.


Asda operates all stores which are Asda Express branded, regardless of fuel supplier.

All Asda On the Move stores are operated by EG Group, although these are all in the process of being transferred to Asda Express branding and ownership.


Costa doesn't operate:

  • Any motorway cafés - these are operated by either Moto or Roadchef
  • Cafés located within petrol stations
  • Cafés in Premier Inn hotels

Costa Express machines within shops are the responsibility of the shop operator.


Greggs doesn't operate:

  • Any stores within motorway service areas - these are operated by either EG Group or Moto
  • Any concessions within forecourt stores
  • Stores located within Asda, EG Group, Moto or Welcome Break A-road amenity buildings


KFC operate:

KFC do not operate restaurants located within EG Group, Moto or Welcome Break service areas.


McDonald's operate all sites which are:

  • Located within Extra service areas
  • Part of an A-road service area (some exceptions apply)

McDonald's do not operate any sites within Roadchef service areas.


Starbucks operate all sites which are:

  • Not advertised on premises as an EG Group, Welcome Break or 23.5 Degrees site
  • Branded as Starbucks rather than "We Proudly Serve Starbucks"

Starbucks on the Go and We Proudly Serve Starbucks machines within shops are the responsibility of the shop operator.


WHSmith operate all sites which are located within Extra and GRIDSERVE services. Stores within Moto, Roadchef and Welcome Break service areas are operated under a franchise agreement with the respective site operators.


All Cotton Traders, Phone Tech, Quicksilver and Top Gift stores are centrally operated.

Corporate filling station sites on the motorway

Taunton Deane Shell fuel.
The Shell-operated petrol station at Taunton Deane.

These filling stations are operated separately by the fuel operators and are split from the main operator of the site, so contact the fuel operator themselves if you have any queries.