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Closed Service Stations

Wansford Little Chef.jpg
The closed Little Chef at Wansford.

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The service areas listed on this page have been marked in our database as being fully closed.

It is by no means a precise list: there are hundreds of roadside eateries and petrol stations that have closed over the years, but we have only included the ones which were in some way remarkable. Most of these were either lost to road construction or rendered redundant by it.

Motorway service areas are generally too big and busy to totally close, so this list is mostly about smaller A-road sites. There are plenty of examples of motorway services that have been demolished and re-built (Heart of Scotland, Rivington, Northampton) or moved (Strensham, Aust). These don't make the list, and neither do the ones which are part-abandoned (Burtonwood, Markfield, Musselburgh).

If you have Google Earth or another KML reader you can download a map of abandoned services.

Sample list of closed service areas

The following entries are marked as closed in our database. This does not mean that they have ceased trading all together, it just means that they are no longer a formal service area that serves the major road network.

These sites used to be signposted as official service areas, but no longer are:

  • Bassingfield (A52) - signage removed in 2009. It is still shown on OS maps.
  • Boroughbridge Morrisons used to be signed from the A1(M) northbound.
  • Copdock had signs removed from the A12 in 2016.
  • Eashing (A3) - was signed southbound until 2016.
  • Grand Dale (A63)
  • Harlow (A414) - signage was removed in 2010. It is still shown in OS maps.
  • Wardlow Mires (A623) - had a sign in each direction which was mostly covered up in around 2010.
  • Wirral Park (A39) - signed from the roundabout until 2007, and may have been signed in advance.

In addition, Featherstone Truckstop used to be signed from the M54, and Londonderry Lorry Park used to be signed from the A1, but neither had full service area status.

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