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Predecessors:onRoute, Delice de France
Successors:Chozen Noodle, Fresh Food Café, Hot Food Co.

This page is about the Roadchef restaurant. Another chain of restaurants called 'Restbite' also existed at One Stop service areas.

Restbite was the last of Roadchef's buffet-style restaurants, and marked a period of confusion about what Roadchef wanted to do with the concept.

In general, it seemed that Roadchef wanted to use a single food order point, rather than the traditional buffet that had served motorways for the last 35 years. This change required a major reconfiguration of each site, so until that could be done, the existing onRoute restaurants were given small refurbishments to become Restbite.

Initially Restbite used a distinctive green colour scheme, which later became black and white. While it did receive some refurbishment, this was on a small scale which usually left it with a smaller serving area. Major refurbishments would see Restbite removed and replaced either with Fresh Food Café, or with a larger McDonald's.

There were four Restbite restaurants still open in 2017. By 2020, only Bothwell, notorious for being left out of refurbishment schemes, still had a Restbite. This closed under the guise of the COVID-19 lockdown, and was left empty for some time.


Restbite used to be found at: