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Predecessors:Foodfayre, Delice de France

onRoute was the name of Roadchef's self-branded restaurant, used from 2001 until 2007.

Their flagship site was at Norton Canes, where guests could watch their food be cooked in a "food theatre" (a kitchen), as well as table cloths and evening table service. Other sites were a more typical motorway offering. It appeared at every Roadchef, taking priority over any other brand if space was tight.

All onRoutes became RestBite in 2007, which was a new theme for a very similar offering, with a buffet usually involving one hot food counter.

The unusual capitalisation of onRoute was part of a theme. Each restaurant was next to a shop, named reStore. The pun had been made before too: in 1983 Roadchef registered the trademark En Route.


onRoute used to be found at: