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List of Service Areas on Smart Motorways

Smart motorway gantry.

There is considerable anxiety from motorists surrounding smart motorways, principally related to a fear that they won't be able to get to a place of safety in an emergency.

In addition, some motorists find that the additional hazards associated with smart motorways makes long distance driving more tiresome, meaning they have to stop more regularly. This should be a matter of habit for all motorway driving, but many motorists aim to stop as few times as possible.

This page aims to help by listing all of the motorway service area and similar facilities which are easily accessible from a motorway without a permanent hard shoulder in the UK or Ireland. That includes all Dynamic Hard Shoulder (DHS) and All Lane Running (ALR) smart motorways.

We are not listing Controlled Motorways (CM; commonly known as 'Variable Speed Limits') as there is very little hysteria surrounding that type of smart motorway. We also aren't listing A-roads without a hard shoulder for the same reason. We already list A-road service areas elsewhere.

Breakdown services may wish to move stranded vehicles to the service areas listed here. Please remember that broken down vehicles must inform staff if they have broken down at a service area, to avoid a parking charge. Motorway service areas count as 'emergency areas' according to National Highways's interpretation of the Department for Transport's 2020 stocktake.

This page does not attempt to comment on the benefits or concerns smart motorways. Any motorway without a hard shoulder that isn't listed doesn't have any service areas on that section.

  • You can use our search engine to search for service areas on any motorway.
  • The data below is available as a map.
  • Queries about smart motorways in England should be directed to National Highways.

M1 Smart Motorway Service Areas

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Services Location Operator Rating
Toddington M1 between J11A and J12 Moto 3 star
Newport Pagnell M1 between J14 and J15 Welcome Break 3 star
Northampton M1 at J15A and A43 Roadchef 3 star
Watford Gap M1 between J16 and J17 Roadchef 4 star
Tibshelf M1 between J28 and J29 Roadchef 4 star
(Junction 29 truckstop) M1 at J29 Onroute Truckstops
Woodall M1 between J30 and J31 Welcome Break 4 star

M4 Smart Motorway Service Areas

Hard shoulder only sign.

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Services Location Operator Rating
Reading M4 between J11 and J12 Moto 4 star

M6 Smart Motorway Service Areas

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Services Location Operator Rating
Corley M6 between J3 and J3A Welcome Break 4 star
Stafford (South) M6 southbound between J14 and J15 Roadchef 5 star
Stafford (North) M6 northbound between J14 and J15 Moto 5 star
Sandbach M6 between J16 and J17 Roadchef 4 star
Knutsford M6 between J18 and J19 Moto 4 star

M25 Smart Motorway Service Areas

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Services Location Operator Rating
Clacket Lane M25 between J5 and J6 Roadchef 4 star
South Mimms M25 at J23 and A1(M) at J1 Welcome Break 4 star

M48 Severn Bridge Service Areas

Severn View services motorway sign.

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Services Location Operator Rating
Severn View M48 at J1, M4 at J21 and J22 Moto 3 star

M62 Smart Motorway Service Areas

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Services Location Operator Rating
Birch M62 between J18 and J19 Moto 3 star
Hartshead Moor M62 between J25 and J26 Welcome Break 4 star

M90 Service Areas

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Services Location Operator Rating
Kinross M90 at J6 Moto 4 star

Belfast Bus Lane Motorway Service Areas

See also: Services on the NI M1

Services Location Operator Rating
Lisburn M1 between J3 and J6 Applegreen 5 star

You can also download these lists on Google Earth, view these services on a map or search all motorway services.