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Pavilion Lodge

Pavilion Lodge
Pavilion Lodge
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Related names:Pavilion Snack Cafe
Used by:Pavilion
Predecessors:Top Rank Motor Lodge
Successors:Granada Lodge
See also:Granada Lodge

Pavilion Lodge was the short-lived branding applied to the roadside lodges at motorway service areas managed by Pavilion. These motorway service areas were inherited from Top Rank, where the hotels had been branded 'Top Rank Motor Lodge', and were soon sold to Granada, where they would become Granada Lodge, although not for very long.

Despite the different motorway hotel brands that were flying around at the time, most of them looked the same, and these days the average road user would struggle to tell which one started out as what.

Paviliion Lodge was operated in partnership with a chain of "partner hotels", which were more roadside lodges which each had individual branding, but were advertised alongside the Pavilion Lodges.


Pavilion could be found at the following service areas:

The Pavilion Lodge "partner hotels" were: