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Predecessors:Petrol Express, Fuelforce
Successors:MFG, BP, Shell
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Murco is a small UK-based oil company which runs a number of petrol stations across the UK, including along major A-roads. Murco is a subsidiary of US based Murphy Oils. Most service stations are accompanied by Costcutter stores, as it is believed that they own some equity in the Murco business.

Murco has expanded its UK presence by buying a number of A-road forecourt operators including 'Fuelforce' and, in 2008, 'Petrol Express' who operated 63 sites branded Texaco, BP and Esso. Murco re-branding and re-supplied these with their own petrol products.

In September 2014, Murco were brought by MFG.


Murco operate at the following signposted service area:

Former Locations

Murco has been removed from the following signposted service areas: