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Locations:2 MSAs
Introduced:1999 (motorways)
Removed:2003 (motorways)

Margram owned petrol stations in the 1980s. While they did own local petrol stations under their own name, towards the end of the decade they became more involved with land development. This involved creating large service areas with a restaurant and a branded petrol station, which were more likely to survive as traffic moved onto faster roads.

Following the deregulation of motorway services, Margram would go on to apply this attitude to two motorway service areas. These had larger amenity buildings, but they were clearly divided into segments with a different door for each. The two they built were branded with McDonald's signs rather than their own name.

In 2003 the motorway sites were sold to Extra and other facilities were sold on.


The following service areas were known to have been developed by Margram:

The following motorway service station was known to be planned by Margram but it was never built: