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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Locations:2 services
Often accompanied by:Deli2go
Predecessors:Pizza Piazza, Pizzaland, Sbarro
Successors:Chozen Noodle, deli by Shell, Little Chef

Pizza Hut is an international pizza brand with many restaurants within retail parks and similar. Two of those branches form part of a fully signposted A-road service area, but neither of those use the chain's classic 'hut'-shaped building.

More interesting than that is that they have tried to introduce an express format into motorway service areas several times, but without much success.

Pizza Hut Express operated from at least two Roadchef service areas. Clacket Lane soon closed, but remarkably the Strensham site kept trading until 2014.

Pizza Hut was also named as a future partner during Granada's 1996 re-brand. They said they were trialling the possibility of it being used at many motorway service areas, but ultimately this didn't last. Drawings showed they wanted it to operate from forecourts too.

More recently, Shell introduced Pizza Hut Express to their site at Beaconsfield in 2017, alongside a revised Deli2go hot food station. This was short-lived and it was replaced by an expanded deli during the next refurbishment.

A Pizza Hut takeaway kiosk opened in EG Group's Forrest Park site in early 2022, replacing what was a Sbarro unit. It closed soon after in early 2023.


Pizza Hut can be found at two signposted A-road service areas: [Download KMLrefine search]

Former Locations

Pizza Hut Express used to be found at the following signposted service areas: