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Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn
Often accompanied by:Harvester
Predecessors:Hilton Hotel
Successors:Premier Inn

Holiday Inn is part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, one of the worlds largest hotel operators. They can be found at a small number of A-road services.

Generally, the more desirable hotels take the Holiday Inn name, while roadside hotels (which are often franchised) take the name Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn Express was launched in 1990 to compete with the increasingly popular budget hotel market, especially as the recession was causing business customers to seek to reduce their costs.

Holiday Inn has been owned by Bass since 1988. Following the purchase of InterContinental, and Bass selling the rights to their name, Holiday Inn is now owned by The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). It was a brand seen abroad, especially in America, much more than in the UK. This changed in 2001, when the company purchased Forte's famous Post House brand, which included sites at major road junctions across the UK.

Additional branches opened in partnership with fellow Bass brand, Harvester.


Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express can be found at the following services: [view on a map - Download KMLrefine search]

Former Locations

The following hotels have since been re-branded: