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West Cave and Beacon services


A63 between the M62 and the Humber Bridge

Signposted from the road.


HU15 1RZ (westbound), HU15 1SA (eastbound)

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Two sites staggered between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Beacon services is on the A63. For the services on the A14, see Beacon Hill. For the truckstop on the M25, see South Mimms.

Two petrol stations immediately east of the end of the M62.


Hotel: eastbound only: Travelodgebook Forecourt: westbound only: BP, Londis, Costa Express, Rollover, Air1 AdBlue, LPG (FloGas)
and eastbound only: Shell, Select, Deli by Shell, Costa Express, Air1 AdBlue, Free Cash Machine

Parking Prices

Short stay customer parking is available for all vehicles.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
West Cave Service Station
Petuaria Way
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU15 1RZ / HU15 1SA

Trivia and History

Little Chef A63.
The eastbound Little Chef before it closed.

Both service areas were built in the 1980s, with a forecourt and Happy Eater on each side. Confusingly, these became the South Cave branches of Little Chef in 1994, meaning one of the buildings at West Cave services was called South Cave East.

The eastbound side was built on a much larger plot of land, with dedicated lorry parking, a field behind the hotel and space for an additional restaurant. The parking earned it a place in the Highways Agency's 2006 truckstop guide, where it was shown as having 15 free parking spaces but no restaurant.

The additional restaurant space was never used, and the Little Chef closed in September 2012. It has been left empty since. Meanwhile the westbound restaurant closed in 2009 and is now the adult store.

The westbound petrol station was originally Mobil, becoming BP in 1997 following the merger of the two companies. The forecourt was later sold to Total in the 2000s. In late 2012, the site was acquired by MRH who rebranded the site back to BP following Total's nationwide shutdown.

The eastbound petrol station is named Beacon, though some call it Everthorpe, and has been branded Shell since opening. Travelodge call it South Cave, not to be confused with another service area.

EG Group currently have planning permission to demolish the now abandoned eastbound Little Chef building and build a new Starbucks Drive Thru.


Glews (M62, 12 miles)
Ferrybridge (M62, 27 miles)
Doncaster (North) (M18, 21 miles)
Services on the A63South Cave (2 miles)