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Hickling services

Road:A46 at Widmerpool Interchange
(also accessible to traffic on the A606)

(open map)
Address:Land At Junction Of A606 Widmerpool And Fosse Way
Hickling Pastures
Signposted from the road?TBC
Services type:Single site located at a junction

⚠️ Please note that this service area is not yet open.

A single carriageway road with trees along it.
The A606, where the entry to the service area is proposed.

Hickling services is a new proposal from Welcome Break, that went public in 2022 and received planning permission in August 2023.

The facility will be accessed from the A606, close to Widmerpool Interchange. There will be two buildings: a forecourt sales shop, and a drive thru coffee shop. Inside the forecourt sales shop will be a number of food units along the back wall, as well as toilets, making it a full service area building. A second drive thru lane will run around the back of the building, and picnic tables will be provided.

Parking will be provided for 57 cars, 15 HGVs, 1 abnormal load, 2 coaches, 2 caravans and around 20 electric vehicle charging points. Unusually, the car parking will be spread out across the land available, due to a lack of space, with parked customers needing to walk past the fuel pumps to get to the facilities. This is more in keeping with the smaller A-road service areas, such as those built by Applegreen, who are now Welcome Break's parent company and may be responsible for their spate of new proposals.

The documents suggest Hickling aspires to be a full trunk road service area for the A46. It was developed by Venari Land Limited. The project was approved by seven votes to four, despite 155 objections from residents.

Welcome Break already operate a site a few miles north of here at Fosseway. That one was due to be redeveloped, as it doesn't currently meet the standards to be signed from the A46, or Welcome Break's usual standards. It's not clear if the Hickling proposal means Fosseway will fall by the side.


Thrussington (northbound, 7 miles)
Leicester (26 miles)
Services on the A46Winthorpe (21 miles)

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