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Doddington services


A46 at Doddington Roundabout
(also accessible to traffic on the B1190)

Signposted from the road.



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Single site located at a junction.

A small petrol station and a very strange restaurant building.


Catering: Damon's Restaurant Amenities: Damon's Hotel Outdoor Space: Small grass area next to restaurant and hotel; public footpath connections Forecourt: BP, Londis, Costa Express, Car Wash, Jet Wash

Parking Prices

3½ hours free parking is available for cars. No HGV parking is available.

Hotel guests are required to provide the vehicle registration number at reception in order to receive free parking during their stay.

These restrictions are strictly enforced by Civil Enforcement Ltd.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Doddington Road

Trivia and Design

Black and white photo of a Mobil filling station.
The Mobil filling station in October 1988, shortly before opening.

Plans for a filling station and restaurant were first proposed on land adjacent to the rapidly expanding Lincoln Industrial Park in the mid-1980s. This coupled with the opening of the new A46 Lincoln Relief Road in December 1985 made the site ideal for a facility.

Damon's opened their restaurant on 17 July 1988, with Mobil opening their filling station here on 6 October 1988. Damon's later added a 47-bed motel to the site in January 1991.

The site was rebranded to BP in 1997 following Mobil and BP's merger. The forecourt was later acquired by Malthurst in the 2000s, which subsequently became MRH in 2013. Following the takeover, MRH later added their own-brand Hursts store to the site.

MRH were then acquired by MFG in 2018 who rebranded the shop to Londis in late 2021.

Restaurant History

Damon's were originally an American bar and grill chain and opened their first restaurant outside of the USA here on 17 July 1988, with the franchise being brought to the UK by local businessman John Foulston. John used his construction business to build the restaurant, with the restaurant being designed by Lincolnshire architect Sam Scorer - the man behind the infamous hyperbolic roof at Markham Moor.

Following the success of the restaurant, Damon's submitted plans in 1989 to add a motel to the back of the site. Construction began in early 1990, with the motel opening in January 1991.

Following the success of the Damon's concept here, the owners had planned another one at Glinton, but this wasn't built. Instead, several more restaurants did open away from service areas, but Doddington is now the only branch that remains.


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