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Adderstone services


A1 between Alnwick and Berwick-upon-Tweed

Signposted from the road.


NE70 7JU

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Single site located at the side of the road.


As the A1 heads north, its service stations get smaller and smaller. This one is a garage, cafe and a lodge.


Catering: Café One, The Lodge Bar & Grill Amenities: Purdy Lodge, Showers Outdoor Space: Grass verges only Charging Points: Tesla Supercharger 250kW CCS Forecourt: Harvest Energy, KeyStore More, Coffee Machine, Jet Wash

Parking Prices

Short stay customer parking is available for all vehicles. Overnight HGV parking is available at £13 or £22 to include a £9 meal voucher.

Prices are paid in the forecourt shop or Café One, and can be paid with GBP, EUR, fuel cards or SNAP.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check with staff on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Adderstone Garage
NE70 7JU

Trivia and History

An Esso-branded filling station.
The forecourt in the 1980s, branded Esso.

The Adderstone Garage was positioned in the corner of the Great North Road and the B1341. When the road was straightened and moved to the west of the site in the late 1970s, the facilities gained room to expand.

Space was left between the new A1 and Adderstone Garage in case the road needed to be upgraded to dual carriageway. New Esso-branded pumps and a workshop/toilet building were provided.

In 1983, J.W. Davidson & Sons converted the old garage building into a retail shop. They also looked at building a small transport café at the back of the site as well as using the land for a camping and caravan site.

Plans were put forward for Purdy Travel Lodge as well as a 20-seater restaurant and 96-seater transport café in 1990. These later opened at the far north end of the site.

The forecourt branding changed to Gulf in around 2008. In 2019, the site was rebranded to Harvest Energy and the attached store changed from Mace to KeyStore More.


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