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Often accompanied by:Premier Inn
Related names:Brewers Fayre, Premier Inn, Table Table
Predecessors:Table Table
Successors:Out & Out

Beefeater is one of Whitbread's most well-known restaurant brands. It is usually paired with Premier Inn, with the two forming a dining and sleeping option that appears by busy roads across the country, including on land designated to be part of a service area.

Whitbread have been known to change between different dining brands. Many Beefeaters became Out & Out (now Table Table) in 2000. Some of those have since converted back. The Beefeater chain struggled significantly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The long-standing Beefeater chain has undergone several transformations: one in the early 2000s and one in 2013.

As with most pub-themed chains, each branch has its own localised name.


Beefeater can be found at the following signposted service areas: [Download KMLrefine search]