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Bar & Grill

Bar & Grill
Used by:Moto
Predecessors:Harry Ramsden's

Bar & Grill was a pub-style waitress-service restaurant, something which is rarely found on the motorway network these days.

It was introduced to Lymm in 2015 as part of a plan to make more use of the facilities there, acknowledging that it is used mostly by lorry drivers. It had a licensed bar named The Fifth Wheel.

The second site at Exeter was also unusual in that it is located within the hotel in a separate, dedicated restaurant. Here the Bar & Grill format replaced a waitress service branch of Harry Ramsden's. Around this time, Moto also experimented elsewhere with Arlo's - a patisserie-themed restaurant.

The closest brand to Bar & Grill which could already be found on the motorway at the time was Harvester, which Moto operated under a franchise agreement at their Donington site until 2020.


Bar & Grill used to be found at the following service areas: