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Stracathro services


A90 between Brechin and Stonehaven

Signposted from the road.



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Single site located at a junction.

Close to Stracathro Hospital is this old building but with an independent charm.


Catering: Self-service restaurant Shops: Shop Amenities: Tourist Information Sign, Showers Forecourt: Fuel, Shop, Coffee Machine, AdBlue Containers, Jet Wash

Parking Prices

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £1 and HGVs, caravans and motorhomes can pay £20 to include a £16 food voucher.

Prices are paid in the restaurant.

Contact Details

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Trivia and History

Original Facilities

Stracathro old.
The original filling station on the old A94, now abandoned.

The distinctive restaurant building at Stracathro was built in woodland at the entrance to Clearbank House in the 1960s. On both sides of the building reads "Ye may gang faur and fare waur", which loosely translates to "you can go far afield and not be assured of finding anything this good". It is much larger than a typical roadside diner, with the usual flat roof, but with evidence of Art Deco inspiration in the rounded windows.

At the time, the road through here was the A94. A petrol station was later built to the west of here on land which was left over from the old alignment of the A94.

When the A94 was upgraded in the 1990s, it was moved on to a new alignment to the south of here. The new Stracathro Junction provided access to the old service area as well as the hospital. The new road created a strip of unused land in between the old and the new, which allowed more parking to be provided.

The old petrol station soon closed, and BP built a new one closer to the new junction and next door to the restaurant building, placing all the facilities together. The old filling station is now derelict, and is located off of a roundabout. The roundabout features a milestone in the centre of it, detailing the number of miles from Brechin.

Plans were put forward in 1998 to build a 60-bed hotel next to the old, now derelict, filling station but this didn't happen. These plans resurfaced in 2013, with additional plans to demolish the derelict forecourt and replace it with a garden centre. Plans for both of these were renewed in 2017, but have since been left dormant.

New Forecourt

Shell later took over the new filling station. Their policy of charging high prices for fuel meant that the main identification sign would normally be left blank, leaving motorists to discover the price only once they had parked up. Gulf took over the filling station in 2010 and operated it until 2015. It is now independently operated, and displays the Gaelic name Strath Catharach.

In an era where the country's main roads are saturated with big-name restaurants, this unbranded restaurant which continues to trade with a more traditional menu stands out as an anomaly.


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