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Service Station or Cheese?

Cheese counter.
This photo of a cheese counter at Tebay services is the only illustration we have which covers both topics at once.

Greg James invented 'Service Station or Cheese', a game which became a staple feature of many Zoom quizzes, in 2020.

So for your next family quiz we ask: service station or cheese?

  1. Pease Pottage
  2. Duddleswell
  3. Rivington
  4. Kidderton Ash
  5. Chevington
  6. Millstone
  7. Annandale
  8. Baldock
  9. Cotherstone
  10. Gloucester

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The answers are as follows:

  1. Pease Pottage is a service station on the M23 near Crawley.
  2. Duddleswell is a sheep's cheese.
  3. Rivington is a service station on the M61 near Bolton.
  4. Kidderton Ash is a silky-smooth goats' cheese.
  5. Chevington is a cows' milk cheese.
  6. Millstone is a hard ewes' milk cheese.
  7. Annandale Water is a large service station on the A74(M) near Carlisle.
  8. Baldock is a service station on the A1(M) near Stevenage.
  9. Cotherstone is a cheese from Durham.
  10. Gloucester is a cruel trick, because it is both a cheese and a service station on the M5.

As a website about service stations, we have lots more to say about Pease Pottage, Rivington, Annandale Water, Baldock and Gloucester. We don't have any pages about cheese.