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Sundry is a new template which tidies up some operations which the site needs to perform in the background.

Note that most of these operations are performed automatically by other templates, including Template:Services, Template:Infobox, Template:Planned, Template:Photo, Template:Gallery and Template:Picture gallery, meaning elements of or maybe all of this template can usually be skipped. Sundry is only required where none of these templates are included.

|title = - the title of the page (if different to default)
|description = - a description of the page, for submitting to search engines
|image = - a photo for social media to use when a link to this page is shared
|country = - UK or Ireland

Space is included for the template to record the version of the page, but this isn't currently used.

This template does some of the admin work on behalf of a page.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


A description of the page. Some other scripts generate this automatically.

Page Titletitle name

The page's title. Not needed unless it needs to change

Main Imageimage

Set the main image, if not specified by another script.


If page is exclusively about either the UK or Ireland, and it's not specified elsewhere, specify it here so that it appears in the relevant section.

Leave blank for neither.
Ireland or UK