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Stretton Point

Stretton Point

Road: A5 by M69 J1
Location: Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Authority: Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
References: 20/00531/HYB
Year initiated: 2016
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Brackley Investments hold planning permission to build an employment centre and roadside service area on the A5 at Stretton Point.

Although the new service area will border the M69, it won't have enough facilities to qualify as a motorway service area, but may be enough to be signposted from the A5. It describes itself as a new facility for the A5. A new signalised junction will be provided on the A5, immediately west of Stretton Baskerville Interchange.

As far as the service area is concerned, there will be a filling station with 13 car parking spaces, and a Starbucks Drive Thru with 31 more car parking spaces. The Starbucks will be operated by EG Group.

There will also be 6 HGV parking spaces, 1 coach bay, 10 motorcycle bays and 7 staff parking spaces. The parking provision is partly to make up for the lay-by on the A5, which will be closed to provide the new access.

The proposal was first revealed to the public in 2016, and full planning permission was secured in 2022.

In 1994, another developer had proposed building a small motorway service area on the opposite side of the M69. This was refused.

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