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Unsourced Opinion

Hi there,

Thank you for your work on this site so far.

There just are a few things I have noticed this evening. Firstly, Talke Pits never gets listed on any brand page because it's not an official service station. It's just a restaurant that we happen to find interesting. If we added Talke to the list of Sainsbury's branches, we'd end up having to list every Sainsbury's store in the country!

This is explained in Style Guide 2.2 (you don't need to memorise all that, I'm just showing you so you know I'm not making it up!)

Secondly, speaking as the website owner, I get very nervous when I see information added which may not be true, because untrue or unfair text can and has caused complaints to be made about us. Is there any concrete evidence that "First were unable to give [Bolton West] what it needed"? It implies that their business was flawed in a way we can't prove.

Equally, even though this website does have an informal writing style, it's far for us to claim that a company's whole portfolio was "run-down", unless we have evidence to back it up. For example if we had a government inspector saying they were all run down, that would be good.

While it is really helpful to have an extra pair of eyes looking over everything to spot issues (parking prices being out of date, information on what's 'coming soon' not being updated or text that doesn't make any sense are the common problems we have), the areas in which help is needed most are detailed in Help:Where to start. I appreciate we can't do a lot of the original research at the moment, but we do need people to go through the Planning Authorities and check for any new developments, or any old history that has only just been added.

If you have any queries at any time, please do let me know. Thanks for what you're doing! Johnathan404 (talk) 21:37, 8 April 2020 (UTC)

Thank you Johnathan404, I understand what you mean. I won't do it again - sorry. Also, I love this site so I won't do something like that. I first came across this site when searching about new services on Google ages ago,and have been using it since. Also, is there any facts not listed on the site about services, I'm interested? How I wish I can visit Little chef - I never had and there were many branches on roads that I can easily access. Also, I wanted to try First as well - I remember the new Rivington. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of what I've put. I do like Peter Kay, so I was interested in that too. I am very interested in what services used to be like. Thank you once again and I will follow website guides when editing. NOAH1 (talk) 10:51, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

After seeing the disgusting state of First's toilets (That Peter Kay Thing), outdated furniture and multiple other pieces of evidence, it was brought to my attention that First operated, not improved.

I didn't understand back then and thought they were common errors that non-signposted Facilities were not included in lists.

Thanks John for all. NOAH1 (message wall) 20:03, 20 August 2021 (UTC)

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