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Thinking about Christmas?

Motorway services are still open for snacks, fuel and toilets - more details.


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Hello there! I wrote the code back when this was a tiny website, and am still updating it now it's ridiculously big. I'm also the one who pays the bills, answers the emails and deals with any issues which arise - so excuse me if my "editor's remarks" sound a little too protective, I don't mean it! I just work on the basis that Motorway Services Online should as helpful and accessible as it can be, because everyone's hard work is wasted if nobody's reading. And while you're here, I ought to share my genuine gratitude for everybody who works to keep this site up-to-date - I really do appreciate it.

If you have a question about this website - an issue with a page, a technical problem or something more general - you can write on my talk page, send me an email or head over to Bluesky. I generally post administrative and development issues to and editor's remarks (and a lot of drivel) to my personal one.

If you're new here, you might like to look at: some general information about MSO, the website FAQs, an introduction to editing pages and a list of problems I will eventually fix.

And who am I? I move around, I create things, I write lists. I like travelling, retail, infrastructure, history, media, buffets. I have a very badly-managed inbox and a soft spot for the ridiculous.

Where I've Been

See also: Map:Johnathan404

At the time of writing, the map is showing that I have visited 102.1% of all UK motorway service stations. This should be interpreted as a phenomenal achievement, and not as an error in the code which I wrote.