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The Bakewell

The Bakewell
Locations:9 services
Often accompanied by:Costa, Subway, Chopstix Noodle Bar
Used by:Applegreen

The Bakewell is Applegreen's in-house food-to-go offering, provided at their busiest Irish forecourts and service areas, with the largest units called 'The Bakewell Kitchen'. It is used on Northern Ireland's motorways, but not in England, where only partner brands are used.

The Bakewell replaced the units branded aCafé. At one stage it was seen to be key to Applegreen's provision: from summary 2019, the larger motorway sites extended their opening hours to begin serving a limited menu at 3am. The generic logo was redrawn in around 2016.

Since the launch of Braeburn Coffee in 2020, this has been the subject of almost all of Applegreen's food marketing, taking The Bakewell out the spotlight.


The Bakewell can be found at some signposted Applegreen service areas. They are: [Download KMLrefine search]

Northern Ireland