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A66 westbound between Bowes and Scotch Corner

Signposted from the road? As a lay-by


DL10 5LP

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Single site located between junctions on one side of the road.

This isn't the sort-of place we'd normally list, but it's officially endorsed in the sense that it's managed directly by England's national highway authority. It has two long parking rows which can handle many HGVs.


Catering: Sedbury Café Amenities: Picnic Area, Toilets Outdoor Space: Large picnic area by café

Parking Prices

All vehicles can park in the lay-by, with no time restriction enforced.

This information is provided to us by third parties. You should always check for signs on site.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Sedbury Layby
Department Of Transport Kiosk
Gilling West
North Yorkshire
DL10 5LP

Trivia and History

The A66 west of here runs along the historic Roman Road, Watling Street. The approach to Scotch Corner was changed with two new bends added. The eastern bend turned out to be too sharp for a main road, and it was replaced by a smoother curve in the 1950s. From this point the old bend became Sedbury lay-by.

Catering facilities and toilets are provided in a combined building in the centre of the lay-by. The current occupiers, 'Sedbury Layby Cafe', sometimes refer to themselves as 'Sedbury Services'.

A sign at the entrance to the lay-by ruled "no overnight parking", but this was covered up in around 2010, then written by hand in 2011, before being covered up again and eventually removed. A sign on the building encourages visitors to visit Scotch Corner if they need to use toilets at night: as Sedbury doesn't have any facilities to charge for, it has nothing to lose by sending its visitors to another business.

In terms of policy, Sedbury is just a large example of a lay-by. It is classed as a "picnic area" and signposted as a tourist attraction.


Rheged (50 miles)
Southwaite (M6 north, 60 miles)
Services on the A66Scotch Corner (½ mile)