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Map of Unbuilt Motorway Services

< return to Unbuilt Services This map shows all of the unbuilt motorway service areas covered on this website.

A big 'knife and fork' symbol shows that it was the main plan pursued by the highway authorities, generally between 1959 and 1992. A smaller blue circle shows that it was either an alternative plan, or a proposal put forward by a private developer.

A-road service areas have not been included on this map. Also, some vague proposals and alternative options have been omitted, as have all the planned sites which were eventually built and some ongoing planning disputes. Generally a plan would need to get as far as providing an exact location before we would list it.

Using the 'layers' box in the top-right corner of the map, you can change from a map to an aerial view, to see if there is any evidence of the proposal on the ground. There is also a link underneath the map to download it on Google Earth.

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Download KML (for Google Earth)

A map of unbuilt service areas is best compared with what was actually built. There are too many built service areas to show them here, but you can head back to Unbuilt Services and select a road to see how many on that road were actually built.

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