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Hello, I'm Konrad, and I have been extremely interested in British service stations since the Summer of 2010. I am very keen on service stations in the UK (especially those that are located on or off motorways), because I like their plans, designs, landscapes and varieties of brands on offer, all combined together in the same places.

Previously, I wasn't too interested in British service stations as a kid, but I was either slightly interested in them or not interested in them interchangeably at that time; however, 2010 was definitely when I really took off, in terms of being continually interested in them. Since the official beginning of my big interest in British service stations, I take photographs of the exteriors and interiors of every single service station I stop at; and these are all posted onto my gallery[1].

Usually, I only take photographs of the 'proper' motorway services and the a-road service areas which act like motorway services. Despite this, I am also quite interested in the a-road service areas which were previously the common Little Chef/Burger King/Travelodge combination sites.

Anyway, my favourite service station so far is Oxford services on the M40, which is obviously one of those motorway services that I photographed. It is because Oxford has a wide variety of my top favourite brands, and also like the services' organised design and landscape.

Hope you enjoy all my photos; and there's lots more to come, so please stay tuned!

Many thanks.