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Tayside Truckstop
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Road:A90 at Gourdie Industrial Estate
(Google Maps link)
Address:Smeaton Road
West Gourdie Industrial Estate
Grid reference:NO356322 (SABRE Maps)
Services type:Single site located at a junction

Tayside Truckstop (TTS; sometimes called Tayside services and sometimes referred to as "Dundee") was a truckstop in an industrial estate off the A90.

It opened on 28 October 1983, being developed by local hauliers, and its construction was part-funded by the Scottish Development Agency. It was initially well received, with a lounge, bar, restaurant, shop, fuel, a weighbridge, electric hook-ups and six beds. It was crowned the UK's best in the 1984 Routiers Truckstop competition.

The café was believed to be called The Last Drop, but it became Evie's Kitchen in the 21st century.

Official road signs were placed on the A90 in 2013, informing traffic that this was a "lorries only services" - believed to be the only place in the country to make use of that status. Minimal continuity signage was provided, with drivers being expected to find their own way around the industrial estate.

The café became takeaway only in 2018. It's understood that the truckstop closed some time later, but the road signs are still in place. It is now owned by Currie Solutions who have leased at least part of it to Biffa for them to use.