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Motorway Services Near Me

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RoadMain OperatorSigned on approach?
BeaconsfieldTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM40 at J2ExtraYes
Birchanger GreenTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM11 at J8Welcome BreakYes
CambridgeTemplate:Top Gift.defaultA14 at J24 and J24AExtraYes
Cherwell ValleyTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM40 at J10 and A43MotoYes
CobhamTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM25 between J9 and J10ExtraYes
CorleyTemplate:Top Gift.defaultsmart M6 between J3 and J3AWelcome BreakYes
KeeleTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM6 between J15 and J16Welcome BreakYes
LancasterTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM6 between J32 and J33MotoYes
Leeds Skelton LakeTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM1 at J45ExtraYes
Leicester Forest EastTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM1 between J21 and J21AWelcome BreakYes
Leigh DelamereTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM4 between J17 and J18MotoYes
MemburyTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM4 between J14 and J15Welcome BreakYes
Newport PagnellTemplate:Top Gift.defaultsmart M1 between J14 and J15Welcome BreakYes
OxfordTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM40 at J8A and A40Welcome BreakYes
PeterboroughTemplate:Top Gift.defaultA1(M)/A1 at J17ExtraYes
Scotch CornerTemplate:Top Gift.defaultA1(M) at J53 and A66MotoYes
South MimmsTemplate:Top Gift.defaultsmart M25 at J23 and A1(M) at J1Welcome BreakYes
ToddingtonTemplate:Top Gift.defaultsmart M1 between J11A and J12MotoYes
WarwickTemplate:Top Gift.defaultM40 between J12 and J13Welcome BreakYes
WoodallTemplate:Top Gift.defaultsmart M1 between J30 and J31Welcome BreakYes

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