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RoadMain OperatorSigned on approach?
Annandale WaterA74(M) at J16Roadchef & BP ExpressYes
AstwickA1 between Stevenage and BiggleswadeNorthbound only
BirchCosta Coffeesmart M62 between J18 and J19MotoYes
Blackburn with DarwenCosta CoffeeM65 at J4ExtraYes
BlythCosta CoffeeA1(M)/A1 at J34MotoYes
BothwellCosta Coffee (southbound only)M74 southbound between J4 and J5Roadchef & EG GroupYes
BraintreeA131 at Great NotleyGridserveNo
BridgwaterCosta CoffeeM5 at J24MotoYes
Burton-in-KendalCosta Coffee (northbound only)M6 northbound between J35 and J36MotoYes
CambridgeCosta CoffeeA14 at J24 and J24AExtraYes
Cardiff WestCosta CoffeeM4 at J33MotoYes (as Greggs/Burger King/Costa)
Caxton GibbetCosta Drive ThruA428 between St Neots and CambridgeShellNo
Cherwell ValleyCosta CoffeeM40 at J10 and A43MotoYes
ChesterM56 at J14RoadchefYes
ChieveleyCosta CoffeeM4 at J13 and A34MotoYes (westbound)
poorly (eastbound)
Clacket LaneCosta Coffeesmart M25 between J5 and J6RoadchefYes
CornwallA30 near RocheCornwall ServicesYes
CullomptonCosta CoffeeM5 at J28ExtraNorthbound only
Doncaster (North)Costa CoffeeM18 at J5 and M180MotoYes
DoningtonCosta CoffeeM1 at J23A and J24, A42 and A50MotoYes
Dover Terminal 3Costa CoffeeWithin Eastern Docks, DoverMoto
DurhamA1(M) at J61Roadchef & ShellYes
EveshamCosta Drive ThruA46/A44 at EveshamCo-operative GroupYes
ExeterCosta CoffeeCosta Drive ThruM5 at J30MotoYes
FerrybridgeCosta CoffeeM62 at J33, A1(M) south at J41, A1 north at J40MotoYes
FrankleyCosta CoffeeM5 between J3 and J4MotoYes
Grantham NorthCosta CoffeeA1 near GranthamMotoYes
HamiltonCosta Coffee (northbound only)M74 northbound between J5 and J6Roadchef & EG GroupYes
HestonCosta CoffeeM4 between J2 and J3MotoYes - eastbound as Greggs/Burger King/Costa
Hilton ParkCosta CoffeeM6 between J10A and J11MotoYes
Killington LakeCosta Coffee (southbound only)M6 southbound between J36 and J37RoadchefYes
Kinrosssmart M90 at J6MotoYes
KnutsfordCosta Coffeesmart M6 between J18 and J19MotoYes
LancasterM6 between J32 and J33MotoYes
Leeming BarCosta CoffeeA1(M) at J51MotoYes
Leigh DelamereCosta CoffeeM4 between J17 and J18MotoYes
LomondgateCosta Drive ThruA82 at DumbartonEG GroupLimited signage
Lymm truckstopCosta CoffeeM6 at J20 and M56 at J9MotoYes (as Greggs/Costa/M&S)
MagorCosta CoffeeM4 at J23ARoadchefYes
MaidstoneCosta CoffeeM20 at J8RoadchefYes
MedwayCosta CoffeeM2 between J4 and J5MotoYes
MinsterCosta Drive ThruA299 by Manston AirportYes
Northamptonsmart M1 at J15A and A43RoadchefYes
Norton CanesCosta CoffeeM6 Toll between JT6 and JT7RoadchefYes
OllertonA614 near OllertonShellYes
Pease PottageCosta CoffeeM23 at J11 and A23MotoYes
PeterboroughCosta CoffeeA1(M)/A1 at J17ExtraYes
Pont AbrahamCosta CoffeeM4 at J49RoadchefYes
Readingsmart M4 between J11 and J12MotoYes
RownhamsCosta CoffeeM27 between J3 and J4RoadchefYes
RugbyM6 at J1MotoYes
SandbachCosta Coffeesmart M6 between J16 and J17RoadchefYes
Scotch CornerCosta CoffeeA1(M) at J53 and A66MotoYes
SedgemoorCosta Coffee (southbound only)M5 southbound between J21 and J22RoadchefYes
Severn ViewCosta Coffeesmart M48 at J1, M4 at J21 and J22MotoYes (as Costa/Burger King from M48)
SolsticeA303 at AmesburyWestbound only
SouthwaiteCosta CoffeeM6 between J41 and J42MotoYes
SpaldingCosta CoffeeA16/A1175 near SpaldingWelcome BreakYes
SpaldwickCosta Coffee (westbound only)A14 westbound at J18Welcome BreakYes
Staffordsmart M6 northbound between J14 and J15MotoYes

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